Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram: Vegan YouTube Celebrity


Develop a strategy to build and grow a celebrity following for Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram,
a chic vegan trend-setter and pioneer in the vegan & vegetarian movement.


By pairing social media with strategic video marketing campaigns, newsletters, public speaking opportunities, culinary programs, and media appearances, we developed a successful strategy to launch Kristina’s mission of encouraging Houston to live a more healthful lifestyle through consuming whole, local organic fruits and vegetables.


Kristina’s popularity has surpassed our initial goals, as she has had to create and produce two You Tube channels: FullyRaw with Kristina and Rawfully Organic to manage her audience. She now has a following of over 34,000 supporters and has surpassed 1,500,000 views in just over one year. Just shy of two years, she has become the new face of the vegan, RAW movement as her fire has been caught by the local broadcast, print, and online media. She has been interviewed and been a guest contributor on various outlets including CNN en Español, Fox 26, 39 Online KPRC, and KHOU in Houston. Watch for her in 2013 as she debuts on PBS and completes her first cookbook: FullyRaw Recipes.