Carlos Vigil


Carlos Vigil


Carlos Vigil is considered one of the true fashion icons of South America. He is the creative mastermind for some of the most beautiful dresses worn by the rich and famous of Latin America and is planning to debut on US fashion shores with his new Metropolis Collection in Fall 2015.

Our objective:
To introduce Peruvian Fashion Designer Carlos Vigil Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections to the American market.


Our strategy to launch Vigil in the American market includes an intensive media bi-lingual English and Spanish campaign to create awareness of the designer and his pristine eye for design. Through the fashion consultancy division of ZBPR, a B2B marketing campaign will introduce Carlos to the most exclusive boutiques in Texas.


ZB PR has obtained coverage in Dubai for his recent involvement in a Taste of Peru.


Dubai Chronicle: World renowned fashion designer Carlos Vigil to debut Dubai-inspired couture collection