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La Coleccion “Pachamama” de Eliana Paco

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International Journalist, and friend of BPRG was the mistress of ceremonies for the presentation of Bolivian Fashion Designer, Eliana Paco’s Runway Debut in Bolivia, and the collection will now be making it’s way to New York on September 12-15th.

The collection, “Pachamama” exhibits Eliana’s exquisite work which debuted at Bolivian Fashion week this year. Take a look at this detailed collection which boasts of a fashion forward touch to the already unique ethnic and cultural preservation that is Bolivian stitching.

2016-07-17-PHOTO-00000105 2016-07-17-PHOTO-00000108

Spanish Translation: La periodista internacional Sandra Coscio fue la maestra de ceremonias en la presentación de la colección “Pachamama” de Eliana Paco, diseñadora que se presentará en Nueva York-USA, del 12 al 15 de Septiembre 2016. Las modelos de Promociones Gloria- las más bellas de Bolivia lucieron radiantes en el palacio Presidencial, un gran equipo organizado por el Ministerio de la Presidencia y el Ministerio de Culturas y Turismo.

Watch Video Here: https://youtu.be/9B8SHXaTTbs.

Fotografías Joaquín Durán

What does it take to make a brand?

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What do you think it takes to make a brand? Creativity… A message? An identity… or just passion? Well, these are all amazing questions that BPRG will help you answer. From start to finish, we pride ourselves on helping create the perfect brand, brand identity, and purpose. Our clients aren’t just brands, they are people: individuals… with stories, with pasts, or with futures and pasts, who want to live, love, and reach many.

We are honored to have had many individuals come to us with passion, but more so, with a purpose. We find ourselves constantly achieving more than that. We take it to the next level. The sky is the limit in creating our client’s dreams and visions and helping them come to life.

By allowing us the opportunity to graphically re-create an image, brand, or identity, we will work with you to help understand who you are and how to target your target! We will make your dreams come to life not only with words but also by reaching every type of media: digital, print, and broadcast. From nuts to bolts, BPRG is the solution to creation and creativity, and we stop at nothing to get you seen.

The Making of a Bridal Brand: Samy Gicherman

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Venezuelan-American Fashion Designer, Samy Gicherman launches a new brand that is actually taking him back full circle to his beginnings as a Bridal Accessories Designer in his native Caracas, Venezuela. When we learned of Samy’s desire to take steer his company direction back to his early passion of Bridal Accessories we swooned at the thought of  being part of the launch project. It’s no secret that we love all things that have to do with love, femininity and luxury!  Through a collaboration with Ricardo Mario Agency, we found a beautiful face, Christin, that represents what today’s bride wants: luxury, quality and a fresh style for one of the most special days of her life. Stay tuned for more information on our branding process that includes the search for the perfect font and logo for Samy’s beautiful brand.  sntgnQ3TIZ9lOQueML49EB99CHCigGIHNYUK0k_ZmFcsamy_g_12823_1

Jessica Zapatero


Bianca Bucaram Receives PR News Rising PR Stars 30 and Under 2014 Award

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Contact: Jessica Zapatero
Email: press@zb-pr.com
Phone: 713-894-7070

Houston-based Public Relations Agency, Zapatero+Bucaram PR, is proud to announce their co-founder, Bianca Bucaram, as one of the awardees of PR News Rising PR Stars 30 and Under for 2014. Amongst all the notable public relation agencies in Texas, Ms. Bucaram was the only individual in Houston to be granted this award. Although Bianca faced fierce competition, her hard work and dedication shined through solidifying her on this years distinguishable list of top public relations professionals.

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